Lunch prices for the 2017-18 school year are:
Grades K-4    $1.90               
Grades 5-12  $2.40               
Student salad bar only  $1.55           

Adults lunch $3.30                 
Adult salad bar only $2.55             

Kindergarteners have the option to stay for hot lunch. They will be served at 11:15 each day. Please add your kindergartner if filling out a free and reduced lunch form. 

The high school grades will have the opportunity to purchase a variety of nutritious snacks again this year at 9:30 a.m.  Items in the morning hours and may include fruit, muffins, variety of cereals, breakfast burritos, assorted juices and milk, cinnamon bites, and hash browns.  These ala carte items will range in price from $.35 to $1.35. Payment of these items will be taken out of the student’s lunch account money or payment at the time of purchase. This is not a part of the School Lunch Program.

We are always open for suggestions and comments to help us provide nutritious snacks and lunches for your children.

We always love having helpers in the café. Students who help during their recess time receive a free hot lunch and a snack or high school students may receive community service hours which they will need to record on their community service log sheet. The log sheet can be found on the high school page. High school students may not receive both a free lunch and community service hours.

Please fill out a free and reduced lunch form if you think you qualify. A new form needs to be filled out every year. Last year students on free and reduced forms will have a month grace period to turn in the new forms. 

Please e-mail Carla Byrd at  if you have any questions.