1.   To provide parents/guardians with access to information to assure their students have food service funds available.


2.    To assure students have access to a limited amount of meals until adequate funds are deposited on the students account.



Payments options

1.   Parents/guardians can make prepayments to their students food service accounts at any time with cash or check.  Checks can be made out to TJCS.


2.   Parent/guardians can make prepayments to their students account by using  myschoolbucks.com . This website will charge $1.95 per transaction, but you are able to use debit or charge cards.  You will also be able to track your students transactions as well as check their balance.  There is no charge for checking the balance or viewing their transactions..


3.   Any remaining funds at the end of the school year will automatically be transferred over the next school year.



Notification of low balances

1.   Parents/guardians that use myschoolbucks can set up an alert to be sent to your phone when the balance is low..


2.   Food Service Cashier will inform the student once their account goes into the negatives or is about to go into the negatives. Also, Food Service Director will e-mail, phone or send letters to the parents when the account has gone into the negatives.



Extending Credit – Students Without Funds

1.   As a courtesy, Thomas Jefferson Charter School extends credit to students in the amount of up to a negative  -$15.00.  If the account is not paid after several attempts and no arrangements have been made to pay the amount in errors, the Food Service Director may suspend lunch.


2.   If a parent/guardian does not want their student to charge meals, they must contact the Food Service Director at 208-455-8772.


Contact Information

Carla Byrd

Food Service Directors







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