Are there openings in your school?

This can change on a daily basis.  We place 26 kids in kindergarten; 28 in grades 1-3; 32 in grades 4-6; and 33 in 7th on up to 12th grade.  The first child on the waiting list is notified immediately upon an opening.  Everyone else on the wait list moves up also.  


How many people are on the waiting list?

This too can change on a daily basis.  The only way to get your child into TJCS is through the lottery 
procedure by filling out and submitting an application. 


How do you sign up?

Go to the "Enrollment" menu selection at the top of the page.  Click on “lottery application” and follow the instructions.


Your charter talks about school district boundaries.  What district do I live within?

Call Brown Bus Company at 208-466-4181 or the Vallivue District Office (454-0435) for that information.


If one child gets into the school, how about his/her siblings?

No, siblings do not automatically get in when one child gets into the school.  They will move up on the list but there has to be another opening in the right grade level for the siblings to get into the school. Siblings also receive priority in the lottery procedure for the next school year.


Is bussing provided?

Yes, but only within the boundaries of the Vallivue School District.  Visit for bus schedules and information. 


What grades does your school serve? 



Where are you located? 

We are located just East of I-84 and the Flying J Truck Stop.  Turn right on Smeed and the left on Thomas Jefferson.


Can I come visit during the school day? 

Yes, we have tours on the first Thursday mornings of each month.  Please call to put your name on the list.


Is there a tuition fee? 

No, TJCS is a public charter school.


Are students required to wear uniforms? 



Is there a lunch program?