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fun day at the end of the year field day for elementary students

delicious holiday dinner, thanks to our awesome kitchen staff

hand carved ham

hand carved ham and turkey

Idaho Fish and Game "trout in the classroom"

Idaho Fish and Game "trout in the classroom"

Idaho Fish and Game "trout in the classroom"

Idaho Fish and Game "trout in the classroom"

Idaho Fish and Game "trout in the classroom"

Idaho Fish and Game "trout in the classroom"

Idaho Fish and Game "trout in the classroom"

Idaho Fish and Game "trout in the classroom"

School Hours 7:55 AM
School day begins for all grades
2:45 PM
School day ends for all grades

What's new at TJCS


Monday Notes 12-15-2014


Seniors & Parents:   The FAFSA meeting for seniors & parents on Tuesday, December 16 has been cancelled. 

Students & Parents:  Jon Flores and Emma Campbell have been selected as our TJCS nominees to the National Honor Society state and national scholarship competition.  Congratulations!

Parents:  TJCS invites you to our annual Christmas program.  It will be on Thursday, December 18 at 7 p.m. at Jewett Auditorium on the College of Idaho Campus in Caldwell.  K-6 student performers should arrive no later that 6:40.  We look forward to sharing some wonderful music with you to ring in the season!

High School students & parents:  Next innovative time card is due week after Christmas break...should have at least 10 hours completed.

Parents;  Any parents want to take on running the elementary talent show that we have had in the past?  Please let Mrs. Endicott or Mr. Ward know.  Thanks.

Students & parents:  TJCS ski night- grades 3-12; Bogus ski night is Friday, January 9.  The cost is $25.  The registration forms and $25 are due by Wednesday, December 17.  Please note that this deadline is before we go to Christmas break.  Please make checks payable to TJCS.

Parents:  Check Power School for grades.  We will not be sending home progress reports since this is available 24/7. 

Independent HS PE:  Complete log sheets with 60 hours are due to Mrs. Smyth by noon on Dec. 17.

Parents:  If you have any buttons you are willing to donate to the first grade class, please bring them to the office, thanks!


Key Components to TJCS

Our mission statement at Thomas Jefferson Charter School revolves around creating virtuous citizen leaders. Our key components revolve directly around that concept.

High School

Our students are required to complete community and family service each of the 4 years they attend our school. Our goal is to create young men and women who value helping others. Our students receive high school credit for these activities and it shows up on their high school transcripts. 

Middle School – Grades 7-8

Much of what we do in grades 7 and 8 is directly involved with the transition from elementary to high school. We believe a virtuous citizen leader must learn to deal with change…but it is one of our jobs to help them with this skill. Most students who do not graduate from high school have a terrible 9th grade year. This can be directly attributed, in many cases, to kids who are not ready for the change to high school where every grade counts, where they have 6-7 different teachers, where teachers can’t keep them in from recess to finish work…the list can go onward. In our middle school, our kids have 4 different teachers for the major subjects. This is much more challenging for many kids. It creates challenges in the middle years; but better to have the challenges then than in 9th grade where the credits for graduation start counting!

Grades K-6

Math concept boards are present in each classroom. Students will work on all different areas in math every day…computation, geometry, measurement, statistics, problem solving, etc. Grade level work as well as above grade level work is practiced by every student, every day. We believe that a virtuous citizen leader is a well educated person.